Early Morning Hike

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nate and I took off early Saturday morning for a hike in Alpine to Horsetail Falls. We've been there before with another couple when Nate inadvertently got us lost and may have ended the possibility of Bryce's chances with his date.This time, we tried not to get lost!

Like usual, on this hike, it was an inner battle. I love being in nature and the reward of sitting on top of a mountain. But I'm always in terrible shape. I moan, complain and a hike without a mini-breakdown on my part is highly unusual. This hike was not any different. The worst of it today involved me saying, "well thanks for looking out for me as I climb up this steep rocky face!" Nate answered me with a look of confusion since it wasn't really that steep or rocky. See what I mean by breakdowns?

Luckily this hike is really rewarding and worth all the mumbling on my part. It has tremendous views at the top and lots of shade on the way up. At one point, you have a great view of the falls. The river is running so fast now! Last fall it was tame! This time I saw first hand what a "raging" river is like. We hiked right down to the bank at one point. The water had to be about 45 degrees. You don't want to get sucked into that. Don't worry, we were careful.

Turns out this is a really popular hike, on our way down we met at least 5-6 separate groups. We went early enough (8ish) to stay out of most the heat which also ended up keeping us a little ahead of the crowds which was nice.

All in all, we both really enjoyed this hike. There is just something natural and wonderful about being in nature. Walden was right.

The falls


Thanks for the hiking shoes mom! They worked great!

This isn't an amazing photo, but it kind of shows how fast the river was moving.


Best day ever!


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