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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is little Wilson. Learn more about him here.

I help keep an almost daily blog for Eagle Condor Humanitarian.
The interns who are on site in Peru email me little updates on certain children or activities and I post it.
I love learning about all the creative ways they are helping the kids.
Most of the children that ECH aims to influence are orphans, abandoned children or those who have little means to educate themselves.
I love being a part of something that is truly influencing those who really need it.

ECH has a variety of ways to help the poor, including microloans to families.
If you have the ability, donate to Eagle Condor Humanitarian.
They have a cool program where you can "sponsor a child" for a specific amount of time (or on-going) and then hear updates about that child and where your money is going.

Nate and I are starting a small monthly donation to help the kids at La Aldea (where I served last summer) to help start a tutoring program for the older kids there.
Can't wait to learn more on how it goes!



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