Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love thrift stores. Even before they were cool, I was a big fan. Provo is not quite as populated with thrift stores as Chipley, but Deseret Industries is always full of surprises. Here are some of my most recent purchases:

1. Eastland boots, $7.00. Found in the men's department. Really hipster, don't you think? Similar ones found here.

2. Gerald N. Lund novel, $4.00. I just started a New Testament class and was excited to find this book at DI. It will go perfectly with my study. There is a local used bookstore I've been meaning to check out that will probably have the next two. A new one can be found here.

3. LaCrosse snow boots, $7.00. Though they are not the chic-est thing out there, they are very practical for Utah winters. Perfect for really snowy days. Also they are the most comfortable boots I have ever put my feet in. Similar boots found here.

4. College Algebra textbook, $4.00. This was too boring to take a photo of, however, I thought it was noteworthy. Nate bought it to get some practice this summer to prepare for his calculus class this fall.

5. White board, $3.00. Also not visually interesting, but a good buy. This one was also for Nate, which he uses to work out homework problems. (We have also used it to play a good old-fashioned game of Hang-Man).

Total thrifted cost: $25
Total new cost: $225+


  1. I went into a vintage clothing store today and thought, "Lacey would love this!" I'm glad you're enjoying your thrift store finds:)
    I love good finds! Although, if you go with what you want in mind, you almost never find it! But I am determined to find some plastic bins for storage - I refuse to pay full price!


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