Photography: Canoeing

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday, Nate took a break from his projects so we could spend some time enjoying the beautiful weather. (Until Saturday we pretty much thought we had moved to Seattle). We headed down to CLAS Ropes Course and rented a canoe. I was a little worried because the river has been so high, but it was worth it! We slowly drifted down the river into the lake and really enjoyed just being on the water.

The lake was so still and serene. We saw lots of ducks and even a few families of Canadian geese (so regal!) The little ducklings were so cute! Taking photos from a canoe scares me a little, so this is the only shot that I really got.

And this is on the way back to town. Just reminds me of home. :)

P.S. We celebrated 5 months of wedded bliss yesterday! Wa-hoo!


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