Organization is Beautiful

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I find great joy in organization. I love to see everything in its place. I've found some beautiful little organizing tips on Pinterest that I would like to share. Enjoy!

1. Storing extra sheets in their pillowcases. (If you can ever get the bottom sheet to actually fold!) Found here.

2. If you have this much ribbon, this is a genius idea. (And if your husband will allow you to use closet space for your craft supplies...) Found here.

3. For the pantry: Use a hanging shoe rack to organize small pantry items. I wish I had come up with this! Found here.

Now I'm gonna go re-arrange my craft supplies...


  1. I love the ribbon and pantry ideas! I liked looking at all those sites:) I've told Adam like a million times that when we build THE house, I will have a sewing room!! Those scrapbooking rooms give me ideas;) Thanks!


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