Crafting: wreath and necklace

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fabric Wreath
I've had this wreath for awhile, but I thought it was worthy of a post.
Materials: hanger and strips of fabric
Cost: $0
I started by bending a hanger into a circle. The strips of fabric I started with were actually fabric samples from various fabric stores I got when searching for fabrics for the wedding (a.k.a. free). The rest were strips cut from an old shirt and part of a tablecloth used at the wedding. I double-knotted the fabric strips to keep them tightly on and voila! A free wreath!

Fabric Necklace
This is the result of a boring Friday night.
Materials: 6 2 inch strips of fabric about 2 feet long and string
Cost: $0
These were all materials I had on hand, so it cost nothing. Also, it takes no skill. I just braided 2 sets of 3 strips and then used the string to tie together the ends of each braid. I connected them with another piece of fabric using hot glue. Easy peazy.


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