Books, rain and Vegas

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I follow several blogs and am always curious as to how make mine cuter, more interesting etc. There are so many posts from other bloggers that I just want to re-post...all the time. But I thought of why I love my favorites and realized they have original content. I have this conversation with Nate quite a bit. He encouraged me to find a real purpose for this blog. (Makes sense, right?) So while I am still contemplating the purpose of this blog, he gave me a challenge. Begin a series of posts that are different from any of the blogs I have seen. After several days of contemplating this on my walk to and from class, during lulls in lecture etc...I got it! I'm going to do book reviews! Since we have recently joined Nate's siblings in reading two books each month, this should work out perfect. When I get the chance in between research papers and laundry...I'll post one about "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer.

Don't you love rain? I miss Florida's thunderstorms. Today took away a bit of that melancholy as I walked in a light mist around campus. The earth just smelled better. Felt better too. Maybe spring is coming? Please?

Oh yeah! We're going on a road trip this weekend for Nate's cousin's wedding! (Not in an Elvis chapel, silly! It will actually be here.) We are excited to attend another sealing, our first since our own. And we get to stay with Nate's sweet aunt and uncle! Can't wait!

P.S. The photo is completely irrelevant to this post, I just miss my little niece! :)


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