Un dia sin zapatos

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Subjective: Today is "One Day Without Shoes" sponsored by Toms Shoes. This company gives one pair of shoes away for every pair they sell. Today, we are going barefoot to bring attention to the reality that millions of children go without shoes everyday.

Objective: I had planned to do this, but not really. I love going barefoot, but barefoot to campus, all day on campus seems a little much. This morning, I was getting ready and my wonderful roommate Sam asked why I was wearing shoes. I replied it was too cold (about 50 degrees when I left this morning). She reminded me that many kids go barefoot when it is even colder. So I put my Toms in my backpack, thanked Sam for her encouragement and set out on my walk to school. The pebbles were slightly troublesome. But the cold cement was my enemy. (Thankfully I have avoided broken glass so far). I found that the grass next to the sidewalk was more forgiving. Once I almost sat down and put my shoes on, but I gritted my teeth as the feeling left my toes. I started to scrunch them every time I picked up my foot. This helped. So I think I have never been so happy to walk into the SWKT! The warm air and floor were welcoming. My feet were warmed as I sat in Human Development (and learned about parenting!).

I walked up to work without my shoes, but I decided to be professional and put them as I entered the building.

This activity has caused great thought. On the painful walk to school, I began to wonder why in the heck I was doing this. Is it about me? But I thought back to the kids at El Girasol in Peru who often went barefoot on those dusty roads before donors found shoes for them. If people see me and wonder why I am not wearing shoes (I hope they will ask), I hope they will at least think of people who have never owned shoes. Perhaps they will give to someone who needs it. My minimal pain today is nothing compared to what millions of people go through everyday. I hope this simple act will help others to seek proactive involvement in worthy causes to improve the lives of others.

I was overall disappointed in the lack of participation of the BYU population. However, I know this challenge was good for me.


  1. What a cool thing to do. I bet it really made you think. I know you'll never forget this experience.


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