Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is it about sports that makes people forget who they are? What is it about a court, field, pool or whatever that makes people lose their minds? Even here at BYU where 98.5% ( are LDS, players go crazy on the court. My best friend is an intramural basketball ref. She often comes home distressed at the behavior of players. They curse to each other and to the refs, they directly hit each other, they show all around bad-sportsmanship. (Let it be noted that bad sportsmanship is not displayed in all players). I always listened to such accounts from her, never quite believing that BYU students (who begin each game with a prayer) would show such audacity. That is, until last night at my own intramural game.

(Yes, I am participating in team sports!) It was a tournament game for inner-tube water polo. This whole semester we have had a great time swimming (floating, rather) and throwing the ball around. I guess you could say some players were more into than others (ie me) but that is besides the point. Bottom line, it's just fun. Well, last night we played a team of all freshman. (And yes, it was obvious). They were incredibly bad sports. We were ahead much of the game and I suppose this caused them to lose their minds. While I was on defense, the offense players of the opposing team crossed the line. They purposely pushed our tubes (illegal). I let him know I knew he was cheating. Not long after that, he had the gall to attach a disgusting firm grip on my leg! (Definitely illegal). Well, I blew up in his face. And it was not only my Southern accent that exploded. That pre-mie put on the fakest innocent face. Through out the rest of the game, he continued to hassle me and other girl players. (Please remember, this is not even a real sport. The purpose of this game is to have fun). I approached him after the game:
Me: (in my best mom voice) "You better never treat a girl like that again."
Player: (fake innocent face again) "Like what?"
Me: "Like you were the entire game."
Player: (overly cocky attitude) "I was playing polo!"

Oh please. Gag me. If this is what sports is about, count me out.


  1. Oh Lacey! My nonsportsy girl! I'm so proud you're participating in a sport. Good for you! Next time make that jerk bleed! or you could simply remind him that even w/the cheating, he just got beat by a girl! hehe!


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